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OK, so I’m sat on my sofa on a Saturday night drinking water because yet again i’m saving for a holiday well beyond my means! I live and breathe travel, it’s the reason I get up on a Monday morning. It’s the reason I decide not to eat that extra slice of cake as last time I went away the bikini was a tad tight! It occurs to me, other than my ever growing collection of fridge magnets how else can I remember all those incredible memories I’ve made? So here I am trying to pen down and re-live my travel antics before they are bogged down by rain, cleaning and bills. The very reasons I go away, to escape.

My holiday with a difference

So where to start? I thought I would start in March 2015 when I was offered an incredible opportunity by my Grandma, as a well done for finishing my Law Degree in 2013. My Grandma offered to take me on one of her infamous cruises. Now, at 86 and cruising with Fred Olsen she very much fits the cruising stereotype but I thought why not? The types of holidays i’d managed to date were Sharm el Sheik, Zante, Marbella and working as a holiday rep in Ibiza in 2008, so I saw the chance to deviate from my package holiday norm and see the sights without PRs, 2-4-1 fishbowls and the like.

No more airports

One of the best things about moving from Somerset to Southampton, I had to travel less than two miles to board the ship Boudicca, so no early starts or worrying about the traffic. The next exciting thing I learned about cruising, no baggage limit! This was music to my ears as someone that always likes to cut it fine in this department, so I roll up with my two cases and meet my Grandma at Ocean Cruise Terminal. What an amazing welcome, your bags are taken and then you begin to embark the ship, you put your bag through the scanner but the relaxed welcoming ambience cuts a very different atmosphere from the manic controls in place at an airport.

I noted I was quite possibly one of the younger guests aboard, but decided to dismiss this statistic and enjoy my complimentary cocktail and enjoy sailing out of Southampton. Over the course of the next 15 days I was going to visit Casablanca, Gibraltar, Melilla (Spanish Morocco), Algiers, Cartagena, Malaga and Lisbon.

Emilie-Jane Xx

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