Maundy Thursday in Malaga

Maundy Thursday in Malaga

Photo 02-04-2015, 16 14 17Following my trip to Cartagena I sailed up the Spanish coast to Malaga. So weirdly I’d never been to Malaga, I’ve landed in the airport but never actually managed to take a look around. I was lucky enough to visit over Easter weekend. Maundy Thursday in Malaga this is a big day.

When I got off the ship I took the short walk into Malaga, once I was past the beach there was people everywhere. There were stalls, music and entertainment all along the promenade, the atmosphere is electric.

The Procession

In Malaga there are several processions over the course of holy week. However, the most powerful of processions happens on Maundy Thursday, and I was lucky enough to see it. The procession is watched by thousands of people, this was very apparent when I walked through the centre. There were stands and chairs all available for rental to watch the procession.

The Brotherhoods

The procession is carried out by the Catholic brotherhoods, they are dressed in robes and wear large pointed hats covering their face from Thursday to Saturday. This represents their mourning for the capture and crucifixion of Christ. Throughout the procession large candles are held and floats are carried by member of the brotherhood. The floats are scenes representing the anguish of Christ. While the floats are carried sombre music is played by drums and trumpets.Photo 02-04-2015, 16 48 16

Malaga’s procession is less sombre than others around Spain, as when the procession passes the audience celebrates with applause, the atmosphere is electric and filled with excitement.

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