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Following my day in Malaga I moved up to Lisbon. I’ve only been lucky enough to spend one day in Portugal when I visited Lisbon. A bus tour was the way I managed to make the most of my short amount of time. Whenever I’ve visited a large city I’ve always seen the hop on hop off buses, but this was my first time using one.

The Tour

Once I arrived in port and waited at the closest bus stop, I jumped on the City Sightseeing hop on hop off tour, for £16.10 I could use my ticket all day. I went straight to the open deck and plugged my headphones into the commentary. I must have spent 2 ½ hours on the bus, but it was most definitely worth it. You are able to see more of Lisbon in that short time than you would have on foot, and the commentary took care of any questions you may have.

Praca do Comercio

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Praca do Comercio, Lisbon

The Praca do Comercio is Lisbon’s main square, with beautiful views of the water  it is a great place to stop for a coffee. There are street performers and plenty of my favourite ‘tat shops’ to peruse. I spent an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere there before heading back to the ship.

Christ the King

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Christ the King, Lisbon

I was really excited to see the Christ the King statue while sailing out of Lisbon. I had read of it and it’s inspiration the Christ de redeemer in Rio je Denerio. Located under the 25 de Abril Bridge which holds a great resemblance to the Golden Gate bridge, this was a spectacular view to end a wonderful holiday. Please excuse some of my photos, I found it hard to take them on a moving bus. 

Emilie-Jane Xx

Praca do Comercio

Praca do Comercio

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Lisbon from the ship

Lisbon from the ship



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