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Dune Buggy Lanzarote

This year I decided to boycott Glastonbury and spend a week in the sun in Lanzarote. This was a blessing as two weeks prior I was discharged from hospital with a colitis flare. My boyfriend Paul and I went all inclusive for the week, which is always great fun, but we wanted to leave the resort and explore the island. I suggested a jeep safari but Paul wasn’t keen, but when I proposed seeing Lanzarote by dune buggy he got excited.

The Cost

We walked along the main promenade and found a small excursions shop and looked at the different options available. We decided on an 1hr1/2 as 3 hours would be a bit much, so we paid 75 Euros and looked forward to our trip.

Getting There

We were told our pick up time, a mini bus came and collected us outside our hotel in Puerto del Carmen. After a 45 minute drive inland we arrived, we were escorted into a small bar where we filled out our driving licence information and waited for our guides. We watched with excitment as other guests rode off on trikes and camels.

Time to go

We had a briefing from our tour guides and then we were off, Paul drove the duration as I still wasn’t well. Within minutes we were off roading, it was so much fun bouncing all over the place, desperately trying not to crash into the buggy in front. We climbed all the way to the top of a cliff looking over sea, the view was phenomenal!

Top Tip!

Wear cheap sunglasses, as they will get scratched. Paul left his at the hotel as they were new and fairly costly, I was wearing my cheap River Island sunglasses. At one point is was so dusty Paul couldn’t see ,so as he was driving I gave him my sunglasses, and there I was bouncing around with my eyes shut. I would advise tying a scarf around your mouth too if you are particularly sensitive to dust.

If you are looking for an afternoon activity with some excitement, I would definitely recommend giving dune buggying a go.

Emilie-Jane Xx

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