Doha Qatar – My first impressions

French Beach Qatar

I recently visited Doha in Qatar, if i’m honest I didn’t know too much about the country until my best friend moved there for work. So naturally my boyfriend Paul and I took it upon ourselves to make use of her offer to visit.

First Impressions

When we landed the first thing that struck me is how clean everything is. As someone who likes things immaculately presented, I loved how spotless the airport was. Then I saw an enormous teddy the size of a building with it’s head in a lamp. I knew instantly this wasn’t going to be any normal country. Interesting fact about the untitled piece, it’s actually made out of cast bronze.

The Rollercoaster Ride

As I mentioned previously, the driving was intense in Algiers. In Doha it reached a new level of nail biting fear. As we got an Uber to my friends villa I could not believe how crazy people drove. The reason we decided to get an Uber rather than a taxi is due to the development going on in Doha. You’ll be driving along, and a road will just turn into desert, so having data to navigate is a must! Which an Uber always has.

Which way to the beach?

On the Thursday we landed but spent most of the day recovering from sprinting across the airport, and chasing down our luggage, which you can read in my previous post. So our first proper day was the Friday. We decided to go to the beach as the sale of alcohol was banned over the 10 days leading to Eid. This meant no brunch, so we drove for an hour out of Doha, we drove across desert to reach French Beach.

A little taste of paradise

French beach is a family beach, western dress is allowed here. It was so secluded, with nothing but desert for miles, white sand and turquoise water. When I say nothing for miles I mean it! So make sure you pack plenty of supplies. With the 40 degree heat also make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen and drink lots of fluids (Paul did not, that’s how he ended up with sunstroke). I’ve never swam in the Persian Gulf before, but it was beautiful, like taking a warm bath.

Our crash course in defensive driving

Paul was quite poorly, so we decided to leave the beach. My friend lent Paul and I her car, as we didn’t have any data, we had screenshots from google maps to get home.  We managed to get back on the road with me navigating and Paul driving. Once back at the villa he had a chance to recuperate.

Emilie-Jane Xx

French Beach

French Beach

Beach Selfie

Beach Selfie

Paul driving back into data.

Paul driving back into data.





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