Struggling to make the connection

Struggling to make the conection

I recently had my first experience of catching a connecting flight. Despite my love of travel I often get quite anxious before travelling, and catching a connection definitely sparked some apprehension. My boyfriend and I were flying to Doha in Qatar with Emirates but needed to make a connection in Dubai.

The Warm Up

I was already concerned when I left London Heathrow as our flight was delayed by 45 minutes. When we landed after a pleasant flight we were held on the plane for what felt like forever. We then checked our watches and realised we had twenty minutes to get to our connecting flight.

The Race

So we decided to run for our flight, it really was like when you see it on an airport documentary. We were running through the airport, asking people to move out of the way on the escalators, we were even jogging on the spot waiting to go through security.

Crossing The Finish Line

We made the flight with just a few minutes to spare, I most definitely broke a sweat. I don’t enjoy running at the best of times, especially at four in the morning. Sadly our suitcases did not make it, we were advised upon landing they were coming on a later flight. Luckily I always pack a spare bikini and few outfits in my hand luggage in case this happens. My boyfriend does not…. black jeans and forty degree heat may account for how he got heatstroke on the first day.

The Cool Down

The airline offered to deliver our luggage in the evening, but we opted to collect it from the airport. Doha is currently being developed on a massive scale so navigating your way around is tough, but that is for another post.

Emilie-Jane Xx

So happy to see my suitcase! 🙌 #Doha #travel #lostcase #tbloggers #blogger #qatar #tblogger

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