Staying in is my new going out!

As you may have read in my previous post, I have swapped my clubbing gear for my pj’s. I’d rather a night in front of the box, than dancing away until the early hours. This has steadily become my favourite thing to do since moving in with my boyfriend. But what’s with boys fascination with having an amazing TV? I talk about wanting a fancy Dyson hoover as a big purchase. Of course he wants an Ultra HD 4K TV Panasonic.

As most girls will agree they just don’t understand it, I was happy streaming glitchy shows on my laptop, complaining that HD looked too real and made things such as sets more obvious. But now I have been fully converted. It all started when we bought a soundbar at the beginning of the year, I loved the clarity of the sound and how my now favourite room felt like the cinema with the added plus of wine, cheap snacks a sofa and of course our cat Monty.

Sleeping cat

Monty is a great addition to my sofa.

Then came renting a movie on box office and choosing to save money and not go for the HD version. This is when I knew he’d get his way, it looked rubbish in comparison! I’ve been dragged around shops perusing at 4K TV’s and now I know I want one badly too.

Maybe I’ll be gaming next? (I think not), but what I do know is I’ve learned to appreciate good electronics, but I’m still waiting for him to feel this way about cushions!

Have you been swayed by all things gadgety?

Emilie-Jane Xx

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  1. I definitely prefer staying in with a film and a couple of bottles of wine now! Clubbing is so over rated lol!

  2. Amazing! Would rather stay in with the TV and cuddles on a Friday night 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  3. for real, gone are the days where i look forward to a night on the town getting piddled. i am alllll about staying in with a good movie and bottle of gin. amen, girl!

    katie xx

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