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Scarpini shoes

As someone who spends hours perusing in shops, there is one element of a shopping experience which you can’t put a price on, service. I recently attended the AW16 launch in Scarpini Shoes in Southampton, following this event I have decided to move away from the big branded stores, and start exploring smaller independent shops and boutiques in the area.

The Smile


As soon as we walked through the door we were greeted with a big smile, a drink and the most gorgeous cupcakes. Admittedly you may not get a cupcake every time you visit. But it’s the warm welcome and the feeling that the staff truly want to help you, which makes me want to reach for the plastic and start spending.

The Knowledge


The other aspect of their service which the the staff at Scarpini clearly prided themselves on, is their product knowledge. Claire was attentive throughout the event and was able to discuss each designer they stocked, the trends and the shoes in the collection.

When the Shoe Fits

photo-22-09-2016-17-32-54One of the designers I absolutely fell in love with is Lucy Choi London, I tried on several of her shoes, they fit like a glove! Definitely ones for the Christmas list. I was also surprised with the different types of shoes UGG have within their line, other than the beach boots I am used to seeing. Claire explained they pick the stock straight from the designers. If they see a large department store has decided to stock a shoe or accessory they won’t stock it too.

Feeling Like a VIP


With the knowledge that I won’t see hundreds of people in the same shoes as me, and the enjoyable time I spent at Scarpini, I am definitely going to look to explore more boutiques in the Southampton area.

Emilie-Jane Xx

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