New Year New Me? I’d rather play with the ponies than exercise!

Credit: Alice Spake

So my last post was all about how I shunned the ‘new year new me’ and went to Choccywoccydoodah. Well last week it finally caught up with me and I took the plunge and joined Slimming World. As we all know, one key factor to losing weight is to get off the sofa and get moving.

But I hate exercise?

I can’t stand the gym, I must have tried every class and circuit going. I’ve resorted to running on the common and even buying a cross trainer to save me from the gym. And I still hate the gym….. So this week my friend Alice (Annie Writes Beauty) and I decided to go walking in the New Forest in a bid to get us moving.

I’m not sure we get the whole exercise thing

So our main concern was what could we wear to go walking in the forest? I didn’t think my fluffy faux fur coat was appropriate, so I borrowed my other half’s coat and put on my welly boots. We drove out to Beaulieu which I have driven through many times, it’s such a pretty place, and the ponies were the real draw.

I wanna pet the ponies

Credit: Alice Spake

Credit: Alice Spake

We set off walking with good intentions, however we were soon easily distracted. The ponies are really friendly, so we ended up spending most of the afternoon petting them. They do get a bit raucous,  I had my scarf repeatedly chewed. Alice jumped out of her skin at one point, as she was checking a text, a pony got in her face and decided to whinny, it was hilarious to watch.

Credit: Alice Spake

Credit: Alice Spake

Time for tea

After a brief walk and getting to know the ponies, we decided to admit defeat. We decided to go to Mettricks Beaulieu for a cuppa. Mettricks is one of our favourite places to get coffee in Southampton, and the cute Beaulieu branch was beautifully fitting for its countryside location.

How are your attempts to get fit in the New Year going?

Emilie-Jane Xx

Photo Credits: Alice Spake


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