My top 5 tips for planning a hen weekend

Hen Party Props

Next weekend I am maid of honour for one of my best friend’s wedding, I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am! But firstly I need to tell you how much fun the hen party was, and my top 5 tips for having a great weekend!

  1. Location Location Location

Despite it always being so expensive, we decided to go for London. You may have read in some of my previous posts I love a good jolly in London. It’s easy for everyone to travel to, (except me driving in Friday rush hour traffic!) There’s plenty to do and the sights are amazing. We hired an amazing penthouse via AirBNB on the Thames and I’ll think you’ll agree the views were amazing!


The stunning view from our apartment.

  1. Props

No hen party would be complete without a personalised goody bag, with the sashes, shot glasses, willy straws, photo props, hen party survival kit, matching t’shirts, sweets, bubbles, badges and of course a blow up doll, garter and tiara veil for the bride.

Props props props

Props props props

  1. Getting to know you

Bringing friends from all over is great for the bride, but also nerve wracking for those that don’t know anyone. On the Friday we stayed in, ordered pizza and had a blast getting to know each other with lots of games.

First up was the wedding dress game, armed with sellotape, rolls of loo roll and the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom to model, it was a great way for everyone to get stuck in.

I of course ordered the shot glasses that are a necklace, so they are on hand to forfeit anyone who breaks the ‘rules’. The first being no right hand drinking, the name Tom (the groom) and the word wedding was also forbidden. Resulting in lots of shots early on.

After a good hour mixing cocktails as we all bought a bottle, I decided to get on with ‘Mr and Mrs’. A week prior I sent the groom a list of 15 questions about his relationship with the bride, for every question she got wrong a shot was in order! Great fun and lots of cringed faces from the Mums.

Our lovely dress models.

Our lovely dress models.

  1. What to do now?

The next day was full of fun, we got the cable car over the Thames which was an unplanned but great way to start the morning. If you weren’t enjoying the views, the rocking and fear of heights are just what you’ll need to snap out of the dreaded hangover. We had a great lesson on trapeze and silks at My Aerial Home. Now I am known as calamity Jane for a reason, things just seem to walk into me regularly, so nervous for this was an understatement. But I had an absolute blast, and was really amazed with how much we all achieved. It was all topped off with a well deserved and civilised prosecco cream tea.

Trying my hand at trapeze.

Trying my hand at trapeze.

  1. To be uncivilised

The blushing bride and her groom on the tube.

No hen party wouldn’t be complete without some debauchery, and the blow up doll version of the groom the bride has been carrying round London all day wasn’t cutting it anymore. So we went off to the Adonis Cabaret Show. This has got to be one of the most hilarious nights I have encountered. 250 screaming hens, drinks flowing, a plate of chicken nuggets from the ‘buffet’ and naked men on stage pouring baby lotion all over themselves. Of course there was a cheeky disco after to really let our hair down. After an Uber detour through McDonalds it was safe to say we had an action packed weekend and were all worn out.

Girls night out!

What’s the best hen party activity you’ve been on?

Emilie-Jane Xx




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