FriendsFest – The one with Ro and Emily


So last year I threw a wobbly for over a month because I didn’t get tickets to FriendsFest. I have always been a huge Friends fan, so when Comedy Central decided to bring a ‘FriendsFest’ to the UK I couldn’t wait. Luckily for me they brought it back for six weeks. I contacted my friend Ro straight away and we bought tickets. There were few dates left, so we decided to take a Thursday off and go to Blenheim House in Oxfordshire.

Ichiban…….Lipstick for men

After a 90 minute drive we arrived at Blenheim House, it was absolutely stunning. We suddenly came over all posh, reciting Phoebe ‘so where does everyone summer?’ After driving for 10 minutes through the grounds narrowly dodging pheasants and sheep we arrived.

Paper…….snow…….a ghost!!!

Once we had our tickets checked we were in the gate, if I’m honest it wasn’t what I expected. I didn’t really know what to expect, all I knew was that I was going to see Monica’s apartment. So there we were, stood in a field, with a stage holding a big screen playing the iconic scenes from friends. A few tents, central perk coffee wagon, and Monica’s Moondance Diner burger van. We stood around a short while and then decided to grab some food first.

You’ve been BAMBOOZLED!photo-29-09-2016-20-10-04

We grabbed a coffee from the Central Perk coffee wagon, and then headed to Monica’s Moondance Diner for a hotdog (food and drink was festival prices). Next to the burger van, a diner style seating area was set up. With an actor dressed as 50’s diner waiter and a woman dressed in Monica’s infamous work ‘uniform.’ Then the music kicked in, they were dancing to the YMCA and Carwash. The waiter insisted on shaking his behind in our faces which I wasn’t expecting as a side order.

Raspberries? Good. Ladyfingers? Good. Beef? GOOD!

The Blushing Brides

The Blushing Brides

If you’re anything like me and my friend Ro, we are always looking for a photo opportunity. FriendsFest is just that!We started off dressing up in wedding dresses and posing in front of Ross and Rachel’s Wedding Chapel. Well, hello, Mrs Rachel! Well, hello, Mr Ross! Then we stopped by the actual Central Perk, and listened to the singer hired to do a rendition of Smelly Cat and other friends classics. Luckily for us there were people in FriendsFest t’shirts at the main photo opportunity locations, ready to take our pictures with our phones. For example in front of the famous Central Perk sofa.

Could I be wearing anymore clothes?



After playing draw with the berka loungers in Joey and Chandler’s apartment. Then taking a canoe ride in Joey’s hand crafted canoe, we knew it was time to hit the giftshop as our slot for Monica’s apartment wasn’t for another 45 minutes. I decided to buy Monica’s French poster, which I later had framed, and a FriendsFest t’shirt. There was a selection of mugs, doormats, posters, t’shirts and hoodies. I was a little disappointed as I am a fridge magnet collector and there wasn’t one to be found.

My French poster

My French poster

They don’t know that we know that they know

Yes the cups are glued down

Yes the cups are glued down

On the way in to Monica’s apartment we were able to recreate the title scenes, naturally we had planned our poses while waiting in the que. Monica’s apartment lived up to my expectations, we were able to sit on her sofa, at the kitchen table and take a selfie by the purple door. I recently found out Friends started 22 years ago! Once I had gotten over the feeling of being old, I thought about how impressive it is that Friends is still so popular despite the last episode airing 12 years ago.

‘Oh my god.’

Emilie-Jane Xx

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