What a difference a decade can make, from 19 to 29! Changing in your twenties…..

Changing in your twenties

As I sit in bed on a Saturday afternoon surrounded by Lemsip, ice cream and a stack of magazines trying to fend off my second cold of the year; and being barely past Valentines, it got me thinking when did I stop being so resilient, partying through any coughs or colds? As I embark on my last year of my twenties I’ve started to think of all the things that have changed over the last decade. I consider it a Part 2 to my post after my 28th birthday last year ‘10 things they didn’t tell you about your twenties’, focusing on changing in your twenties.

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When did blue cheese, coffee and wine start to taste good? Also I now don’t look at the percentage or price of wine, but I simply buy a good quality one that I know i’ll enjoy curled up on the sofa that won’t give me the mother of all hangovers. Long gone are the days of downing Lambrini just to save money in the club.

Also, if you have recently endured a night in a club and stood there thinking are all these people old enough to be in here? Or am I too old? You are not alone. When the doorman asks the group in front of you for ID you suddenly think I remember 1997! I was well and truly into my Spice Girl obsession. But weirdly the clothes haven’t changed, then you realise you’re turning into your mum, by saying “I remember this fashion the first time around.”  You then spend ‘classics’ hour dancing in your element as all the songs are recognisable and you’re able to shriek “I love this one!”

Changing in your twenties

Which brings me along nicely to my next point, what in the world is this two to three day hangover thing about? No more groggy mornings, but instead, still feeling the beer fear into Tuesday, sided with a dose of heartburn/acid reflux! Heaven forbid I made that fatal mistake and had takeaway at the end of that fateful night out, as I can no longer tolerate cheeseburgers by the dozen, but instead crave some refreshing veggies.

I now retreat to my house, hangover in tow. To my house that now has matching furniture, no more collages of pictures, and the trusty ‘floordrobe’ is a thing of the past. An exciting purchase is now considered a spaceship coffee machine or cordless vacuum.

It’s not  just my house that has changed, but my clothes, stretchy is now considered good along with comfy shoes, and slutty clothes are now bad! I don’t spend my nights tanning as that just draws attention to those pesky lines and dry skin. But instead I spend my evenings lathering myself in ludicrously expensive lotions and potions hoping they will fend off imminent aging.

But in all seriousness, life seems quicker but less stressful now. I’m now reassured I’m in the right career, with the right set of friends and drama free. City breaks are definitely more appealing than a week in Maga, and clubbing wearing next to nothing can stay firmly in the past. Even if it means having to endure an extra cold or two.

Emilie-Jane Xx

*I’d like to credit my bestie Ro for the inspiration for this post, after one of our many wine fuelled rants.



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