Adulting at Christmas

Adulting at Christmas

On the evening before going back to work after Christmas I can’t help but feel like it’s going back to school. But it’s been quite a different break than I had when I was a child. This was my first Christmas break when I felt as though I was properly adulting. So here are my top five ways of feeling like a grown up at Christmas:

Having your Christmas shopping finished early

In my early twenties I spent Christmas Eve running around like a headless chicken trying to grab anything I could to pass off as a heartfelt and thoughtful gift. Now I spend the months leading up to Christmas making lists of gift potentials to ensure all my Christmas shopping is wrapped and ready by the first week of December.

Decorating my very own tree

This year was my first year living with a boyfriend at Christmas. So in my proper house I bought a real tree in addition to my artificial tree and decked the halls. I got out my very own fairy lights and strategically placed every bauble. This remained as it was supposed to until our pet cat decided to imitate Spider-Man by jumping paws first into the tree.

Spending Christmas at home

As our first year as a couple in our house we decided to stay at home and avoid driving, eating what we want, drinking and napping when we like. We had Champagne for breakfast and I cooked my very first Christmas lunch. However, I decided to be a little unorthodox and roast a leg of lamb. With crackers, pigs in blankets and a pile of washing up I had accomplished my first Christmas lunch.

Sharing cards and gifts

So as a couple not only did we buy our gifts jointly we also received joint gifts. From a frying pan I’d been lusting over for months to a red wine decanter I noticed my gifts this year had become noticeably ‘adult’. No more overpriced shoes which will be short lived as they will be unfashionable in three months.

Hosting my first dinner party

Here is when my friends and I realised we had really reached ‘adulting’. We decided to boycott a night out. As stumbling around in uncomfortable heels, shouting over the music and having to stand all evening while paying £30 for a ticket for the privilege to do so, just wasn’t appealing to us. So we hosted a dinner party, each couple had to bring a course, and instead of strawpeedoing WKD we were popping bottles.

Despite all the effort of being a grown up, we still ended up doing jam roly poly shots, making crude jokes playing Cards Against Humanity and being covered in chocolate from the After Eight Game. And of course holding back the nausea while waiting for a Wetherspoons breakfast, recounting last nights antics.

Happy New Year

Credit: Alice Spake

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