Gluten and dairy free gingerbread house or should I say cave

You may or may not know that a wonderful side effect of Colitis is lactose intolerance and sensitivity to gluten, enter the gluten free or dairy free options. As a result I often frequent the free from aisles in my local supermarket. This time I stumbled upon gluten and dairy free gingerbread house set from Asda for £4, so I thought what better way to get in the Christmas spirit.

Time to Mary Berry up….

I personally think I’m quite a good cook, however, my baking leaves a lot to be desired. With this ready mix gingerbread dough nothing could go wrong right? So I added the butter (ghee can also be used), eggs and golden syrup, and whisked it all up. I then left it in the freezer for an hour as per the instructions.

I knead you

The ingredients

The ingredients

I then proceeded to roll out the dough between two sheets of cling film, and attempted to cut the dough in accordance with the stencils on the inside of the box. This was not easy, I threw a few tantrums, which resulted in Paul having to step in. It also did not go well for him.

I’ve always wanted to be an architect…

Once I had baked the components for 12 minutes and let them cool, the fun began. Paul and I frantically tried to apply icing (which I made earlier) to use as glue to hold it all together. I then went for dinner and drinks with friends leaving my creation held together with cups, hoping it would set.

I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer…

Now, the box appeared to show the icing as piped and therefore, workable. Not a sloppy mess I was left with. After throwing it on with some sprinkles, I then proceeded to try and cover it up with smarties.

I think I’ll stick to the day job

Once it was all put together there was nothing to do but try it. It tasted as bad as it looks, I like spice in my gingerbread but this blew my head off. In true bake off style I think it was underbaked. Overall an entertaining and somewhat stressful afternoon, all for some left over smarties.

Emilie-Jane Xx



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