Cosmo Southampton – How to make the most of all the dishes!

Cosmo Southampton

From some of my previous posts, you may be aware I’ve been working my way around the new restaurants in West Quay’s Watermark complex. This week I went along with Annie Writes Beauty and Halo of Thoughts to check out Cosmo Southampton.

The Restuarants

Cosmo Southampton

Cosmo has a presence all over the country, I know having dined in Cosmo Bristol it can get busy, so always be sure to book. The casual setting is great fun, but you definitely need to be tactical if you want to make the most of all the cuisines Cosmo offers.

The Dishes

Cosmo Southampton

Cosmo offers a taste of many international dishes, I found it’s a great way to try lots of things at once. From sushi, curry, Chinese, seafood, Italian and even a roast dinner! I certainly made my way around, and I’m not ashamed to say I revisited the buffet several times. What’s great about Cosmo, they encourage you to go up as many times as you need. But you need to be tactical, make sure you only take a little of each thing. I find this particularly difficult when I see something I love. Also, don’t fill up on too much pasta, I think this is where the boys fell down and were defeated.

The Grill

Cosmo Southampton

The grill was a real highlight for me. I always love show cooking, and I think it was worth the wait. I went for scallops and steak. You can also choose a flavouring of sauce to go with it, for me teriyaki is a firm favourite. It’s cooked in front of you, top tip wait until you’ve had a plate before queuing as you don’t want to get too ‘hangery’ whilst waiting.

Sweets so many sweets

Cosmo Southampton

My next tactical move was to make sure I didn’t fill up too much. The desserts were amazing! From jars of sweets, small versions of your favourite desserts, popcorn, pancakes and the piece de resistance that is the chocolate fountain.

I would recommend Cosmo for an evening out, but my advice is to not indulge in strenuous activity after. I waddled out of there wishing I had worn elasticated trousers.

Let me know what your favourite dishes are.

Emilie-Jane Xx

*complimentary meal for review purposes.

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