Waddling out of Choccywoccydoodah Carnaby

Choccywoccydoodah Carnaby

So everyone tries to start the ‘new year, new me’ with great intentions. Well I lasted all of 7 days, as last weekend I went up London to meet my lovely friend Martha who I ‘adulted at new year’ with. I’m lucky enough to be her Maid of Honour in July, so all of us bridesmaids/man got together, and ended up stuffing our faces in Choccywoccydoodah Carnaby.

The Shop

So we arrived fairly late, and were worried we wouldn’t get a table, as Choccywoccydoodah Carnaby doesn’t take reservations. Luckily a larger party were leaving, so we only had to wait 15 minutes. This was plenty of time to peruse the shop downstairs. Even if you don’t try out the Bar Du Chocolat the shop is definitely worth a look. The cakes and chocolate sculptures are phenomenal, it’s only when you get a whiff of the chocolate you remember the skill that has gone into making them.  

Bar Du Chocolat

Once we got upstairs we were greeted with a warm welcome, as the staff were bouncing around to hits of the noughties (think JLO Jenny from the block), which made our afternoon even better.

Sideboard of cake.

There is a sideboard full of all the cakes on the menu, so you can get up and have look before you order. One of our party went for the taster cake, six layers of everything, it was massive! Sadly as I’m lactose intolerant thanks to my Colitis, I had an earl grey and a dipping pot. The dark chocolate is vegan, so I asked for the usual dipping pot platter with dark chocolate, the waitress was more than happy to accommodate.

The Waddle out

I had chunks of tiffin, coconut macaroons, strawberries, marshmallows and honeycomb. It was beautiful, I felt it was just enough, however, I can’t say the same for the rest of our group. They were in a bad way, so full! Luckily the staff have boxes ready for you to take home. So if you feel like falling off the diet wagon, I would recommend Choccywoccydoodah Carnaby.

Emilie-Jane Xx

It’s a chocolate skull!



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