IPL6250 i Light Essential review, end your waxing bill forever

IPL6250 i Light Essential

So I decided to give the IPL6250 i Light Essential at home a go, as I’m sure many of you are like me and when you go away you don’t want to take a plethora of shaving products. From razors to the aloe vera to help with the inevitable rash. So what do you do instead? Well, I used to spend in excess of £100 getting waxed. Not only does this make a dent in my spending money it also means the dreaded two weeks of growing your hair ready for waxing, not fun in the summer months!

IPL6250 i-Light Essential So one day back in March I decided to look at the other options available, I have friends who have paid for IPL/laser sessions but again it is expensive even when using online offers. The reason being is you will always need topping up due to hair growing in different cycles, so I started to research the products available for at home use. I ended up deciding on the Remington IPL6250 i Light Essential. I chose this option rather than others for three main reasons: the first is that it is FDA approved, next it has an infinity bulb so you won’t have the limited lifespan and additional cost of regularly replacing the bulbs, it is also worth noting this bulb is bigger than most meaning you can cover more area. Finally the reviews online seemed the best as the No!no! And others weren’t getting the online response i’d hoped for, so I logged into my Very account and parted with £200 hoping this would be an investment worth making.IPL6250 i-Light Essential

Now six months on from my purchase I haven’t been let down. It is worth mentioning I have the ideal hair and skin type for this product, I am dark haired with light olive skin. I have used it on my underarms, bikini area and legs (i’m not brave enough for the face). Doing this fortnightly is time consuming as it’s a long and arduous task, you have to ensure you don’t miss an area while trying to push through the pain. When I say pain I mean a hot elastic band snapping against your skin repeatedly which is especially painful in sensitive areas, more so than waxing and epilating.

The results however are worth it, after three uses I noticed a massive reduction in hair growth. After five uses I ceased using the machine for two months as I had no growth at all and very rarely had to shave (i’m talking once a month). This was a huge improvement for me, as being so dark haired meant regrowth coming through by the end of the day, after a few months growth returned, not as much as before but enough for me to start using the machine again which has achieved the same results. Overall I feel I have made my money back just from using the machine prior to two holidays and had the benefit of not shaving through this hot British summer.

Emilie-Jane Xx



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